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Here are some words about the aim of our association, the reason about 2011…

Do you know when was created Normandy?

Breve history of birth of the Normandy.

Founded by the Vikings in 911, 2011 is the 11th centenary of the establishment of Normandy. In 841, the Vikings ascend for the first time the Seine. This is the beginning of the Vikings’ invasions in the region. Other incursions occur in the following years. From the middle of the ninth century, Scandinavians are used to stay many years in the country instead of returning every winter in their home country. They can then expand their scope of action to regions far away from the Seine. Unable to stop the invaders and their looting, the Frankish king Charles the Simple in 911, concluded a treaty at Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, with the main Viking chief installed in the Lower Seine: Hrolf Göngu « the Walker », said Rollon or Robert. He gives up the territory « between the Epte and the Sea »: the county (the diocese) of Rouen and some neighboring territories. In return, Rollon and his companions promise not to invade the kingdom and to convert themselves to Christianity. Thus, was born Normandy, etymologically the « land of the Northmen ». Rollon and his successors enlarge this initial concession to the west, giving nearly in 933, the current size of Normandy. It was getting back the region known by the Romans under the name « Litus saxonicum » of the « second Lyon » protecting the mouth of the Seine. This geographical region was held at the fall of the empire as the administrative structure of the diocese of Rouen.






The 11th centenary of this historic factual, the longevity of this implementation is the opportunity for all the Normans to better know their region, its influence in the world.


the aim of our association:  

Economic development thanks to the network based on the Norman identity.

Economic oriented project. The aim is to create a conducive environment to industrial and commercial dynamism of Norman companies. The way is to create and maintain a network of the Normans (France and abroad) based on the notion of « Normandy » (3.3 million of inhabitants) with a simple and unifying message. Why? * Lobbying * Business development between Norman companies, supporting prospecting, market opportunities, * Foreign investments or State into Normandy, area management will be better understood, * Identification and recruitment of expertise for Norman companies, hiring graduates Norman, acceptance of trainees, * Participation into the dissemination of positive images of Normandy … This notion of « community of Norman” can only work if it is supported by a strong emotional connection to make it attractive and naturally guides toward the region of origin or emotionally connected, Normandy. Referring to the regional or national networks in the world *, it appears that the emotional tie and unifying is the culture and identity. The contents exist in Normandy, but it is not actively felt. * Some regions have already implemented. (Brittany, the Basque Country, le « nord »,  Alsace, Auvergne, Corsica …). A preliminary step is necessary: To promote the appropriation of a Norman identity providing value and motivation, linked to the history, economic and cultural achievements, and human heritage, landscape, climate … This awareness throughout the whole Norman society is also the opportunity for the awakening of a collective consciousness (« community of Norman fate « ) to create a sense of pride that should boost the collective Norman mental (a winning region). The support: To optimize the support of all the Normans, including policy makers, the association stands against the 11th centenary of Normandy in 2011 (911-2011). This strong media event is led by the CRT (Regional Committee of Tourism) and economic structures, associations that give it the required echo (Companies, education, universities, laboratories, researchers, artists, media, sports clubs, heads of networks…). It is the visible pulse of the grid to be built in the coming years. The project also includes an education component: The regional attachment is gradually built with students in schools of Normandy. With this aim, this is at least a 30 years project. The message is open: It is to integrate, not to withdraw. It is intended to facilitate the movement of young people to new horizons with an « umbilical cord » unalterable to their home region. Hoping they come back enriched with skills and experience. It also sets out a rewarding and attractive message that encourages graduates to come to the region (recruitment of skills). To complete this project, the association brings together economic decision-makers (companies, education, universities, laboratories, researchers associations, artists, media, sports clubs, heads of networks, hospital …), and individuals or associations attached to the region. It manages the launch of the network by seeking partnerships with existing networks and communications in Normandy, complementary to the one of the RCT, about the 11th century.

Contact: normandie@911-2011.fr

The way to build our norman network :

Federate simply cultural initiatives

• Federate cultural, scientific, sport and economic initiatives related to the commemoration of the eleventh centenary of Normandy • Gather into a network, active actors who participate to build the influence of Normandy • To continue beyond 2011 this action

A novelty : It is the cohesion of the actors who will sharpen the image of Normandy: This is the mutual support between actors from different backgrounds who will offer a unique synergy in Normandy. Display its location or its commitment to the influence, attraction and conquering Normandy. A well understood Synergy. Can we get used to value between us and outside our products and services? The promotion between different sectors provides an image of unity, strength and cohesion. A simple and unifying message at the occasion of the eleventh centenary of the establishment of Normandy. We aim to create a network of Norman-based on the notions of Norman identity and « Norman community ». A clear and simple message whatever is your business, 2011 may be an opportunity to highlight its originality, its performance, and know-how. Whatever is your job, e.g. actor or sport man or woman, industrial or physician, scientist or artist, teacher or whatever is your passion, whether you are alone or with an association, we can probably help you to enhance your skills, find a related theme… And if 2011 was a celebration that attracts visitors and makes people being proud of being Norman. More generally, it is to provide a positive image – and real – of Normandy integrating our heritage, the present and the future in terms of innovation and dynamism. The targets are the widest possible to be the reflection of the diversity of our area: businesses (food, tourism, industrial, service, commercial); sports, cultural, artistic, historical, media associations; laboratories; universities and schools, teaching, etc… . What content? The 2011 events will demonstrate the economic and cultural past and present importance of Normandy. These events will be open on the innovations of tomorrow … They will be mainly popular allowing the public to be aware of the regional specificity, leading to the will to own the Norman culture. They will also introduce presentations toward decision makers to show them the value of working with Norman companies, and institutional partners. How to support 2011? The actors who are members will be able to develop products with the label of the association. This label is dedicated to structures that are involved into the construction of the Norman identity. The cross-communication between the private and institutional organizations will provide a dynamic Norman image. The association will communicate thanks also to the institutional organizations: Events, commercial actions or internal communication.




Saint-Clair-sur-Epte – Das Sonnenlicht, das durch das bunte Kirchenfenster strömt, lässt die Gewänder der beiden Männer aufleuchten.

Unter den Augen ihrer Truppen schließen der französische König Charles le Simple und Wikingeranführer Rollo den Vertrag, der die Gründung der Normandie markiert.

Das sakrale Glasgemälde in der kleinen Kirche des französischen Örtchens Saint-Clair-sur-Epte zeigt, wie es sich im Jahre 911 zugetragen haben könnte.